A few words from the developer...

Hi! Mi name is Hedersonleeh and I'm studying to become a great game designer. This is my first game, made it all by me. 

 So please go ahead and check it. I hope you all enjoy playing the game as much as I enjoy doing it. 

About the game

 After a nuclear bomb hit japan, you were send to rescue the civilians left in the woods.

 While you're seeking for survivors,  your friends disappear, leaving you alone in the middle of nowhere...


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The lavender town music and some of the sound effects are a bit jarring, but it's understandable. The pixel art and all were interesting but they weren't always sticking to the size of a pixel, they would sometimes look odd or bob a bit, and there being no pickups or special mechanics from what i could see was a bit bland, but it's your first game, and i haven't even made one. Great first game with some strange things, but mostly done well. 8/10 would play again.